By combining expertise in organization, administration, teaching, marketing, branding, networking, creativity and good old fashion common sense Outlined can help bring businesses to the next level whatever that may mean for the business. Services include: writing, branding, media relations, networking, awareness, advertising, events, organization, promotions and systems consulting.

Avedano's Meats | Clever Minds Learning Center | Hamilton Family Center
House of Air | La Residence | Maverick | Sociale | Therapeia


"Pamela was our Marketing Director at Maverick for years. She was the mastermind of Mystery Night and various other events we do at Maverick. Her creativity and work ethic helped us through hard times and enabled us to grow our business. On a monthly basis we relied on her precise editing skills. Maverick was one of the first restaurants in the City to send out monthly newsletters. The personal tone of the emails she created helped us bring in more business and better connected us with our guests. This forward thinking put us ahead of the curve and it is now common practice for restaurants to use email as a direct marketing tool. Pamela's attentiveness to detail and highly organized work environment propels her and all her clients to become more successful. She is quick to respond and can always be counted upon. I have never been disappointed." 
– Scott Youkilis, Chef/Owner, Maverick Restaurant

“You are truly an amazing woman. I cherish your friendship, guidance and support. You helped me transform my dream into reality, and for this, I am forever grateful to you.”
– Vicki Isacowitz, Clever Minds Learning Center